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Angel, Angie

For being a white chick, Angel had some nice ghetto booty! So I was pretty excited to get her in my office and penetrate that hot spot! I stretched her open with the speculum and took a look around inside that gaping hole! Then I drilled this little sweetie with a huge vibrator before I inserted by cock deep in her tight ass!








Ery came into my office and signed her life away on the papers that say her ass is mine – literally! I first started with inserting my fingers into her tight hole to prep her for what was to come later! I stretched her muscles open wide to get plugged by my favorite purple dildo that made her scream with pleasure! Then I poked around more inside of her with various toys before I finally got to slip my own cock inside of her!







When she came into my office telling me that she was an anal virgin, I knew this was gonna be a tight one! I begun by lubing up my favorite dildo and slowly inch by inch sliding it into her tight asshole. Then as I stretched her muscles, I pulled that out and stuck in my fingers one by one until I had all four of them up in there. Finally she let me fuck her and she was still nice and tight!







When Alexandra came into my office, she told me how she had just turned 18 and she felt very liberated being an adult woman now! So she was eager to try her first anal sex and I was glad to be of service! I started in on her very tight little ass with a rubber dildo that stretched her a bit to prepare for my purple dildo monster! She loved the monster so much that she begged for it to be buried in her pussy while I fucked her ass!







When Angie came into my office, the first thing I noticed was her meaty pussy! Holy cameltoe, Batman! However she wasn’t here for that, she was here to get that tight little ass drilled! So I lubed up the white dildo and plugged it as deep as I could into her back crevice! Then she was happy to take my cock into her virgin ass and sucked me dry when I came!








Agica ass! She was so tight that I had to first prod her backside with my favorite glass dildo and stretch her out with my various sex toys! Eventually when I plowed into her with my dick, she was all loosened yet her tight muscles clamped down around me and I fucked her tight ass silly!








Oryca came into my office looking to be a model. I told her that I wasn’t a talent scout but I knew how she could do some performing! She was eager to get started with the lesson and bent over to enable me to slide the speculum in her ass! Then slowly I was able to get four fingers into her asshole before pounding her with my cock! Tiffany ended up with a gaping ass after I was finished doing my job!






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