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tini_seggekName: Amateur Threesome Age: Dallas, 19 years old – Ashlyn, 21 years old
Watch these two amateur girls get fucked by me in an amateur threesome! Dallas is the dirty blonde haired girl with the longest hair and Ashlyn has the shorter blonde hair. Ashlyn had already modeled for the website so she gave Dallas my phone number. Dallas didn’t really know me all that well so she asked Ashlyn to bring her to the shoot. Dallas did not think that anything sexual was going to happen but after spreading her teen pussy and butthole all apart in front of me for about 2 hours, she wanted to take things a little further! As you can see, Ashlyn also wanted to join in on the amateur action too!

Name: CassandraAge: 19 years old
I met Cassandra over at the shopping mall one day. I talked with her about modeling nude for my website and after thinking it over, she decided to go for it! She came over to my house to do some nude modeling a few times but she would never do any sex scenes because her boyfriend was always with her. Cassandra and her boyfriend just split up a couple of months ago so here she is in a fuck scene! Watch me pound this amateur teen babe until I explode my load all over her hairy teenager bush!

Name: Tatiana Age: Just Turned 18 years old
I met this amateur teen through one of her friends named Mary. I talked with Mary about modeling but she was not interested. However, she did give my phone number to her friend, Tatiana. Mary brought Tatiana to the shoot and she did a great job. Tatiana and Mary wanted to go to a rock concert a few days later but Tatiana did not have the money. Mary dared Tatiana to let me fuck her and in return, she would pay Tatianas way into the concert! Tatiana thought that she was only coming by to do some modeling but it looks like she did alot more than that! Tatiana told me to pull out before cumming but her pussy just felt so good….so I busted my load deep inside of her! She wasn’t very happy about that either! LOL

Name: Faith Age: 19 years old
I met Faith through her BOYFRIEND of all people! He saw my website and decided to sign up as a member. After he signed up, he noticed that most of the girls were from his local area. He showed his girlfriend the website and told her to model nude for it but she told him that she did not want people to see her nude on the internet. They had a pretty big argument about it but she finally agreed to do the modeling to save their relationship. She was REALLY shocked when her boyfriend told her after the modeling shoot that he wanted to watch me fuck her! Needless to say, she agreed to do that too….to save her relationship with her boyfriend!

Name: Amateur Group Sex Age: Both Girls Are 18 Years Old
Destiny and Naughtia came by my house the other day for some nude modeling. As you can see, much more than nude modeling went on! Watch these two amateur nude teens stroke and suck all over my dick! There are nearly 900 full sized and high quality amateur pictures of them in the members area and as with just about all of the girls on True Amateur Models, you CANNOT see these girls ANYWHERE else! Two young and nude amateur teen girls in an amateur group sex threesome and…and 100% REAL amateur girls!

Name: J.C. Age: 18 Years Old
Look at this cute freckled face teen that I met over at the shopping mall the other day! She is a retail clerk at one of the stores and came over to me to ask if I needed any assistance. As we were looking for the item that I wanted to purchase, she asked about the tattoo on my arm. I told her that it was the name of my website and that I shoot amateur girls modeling nude. We exchanged phone numbers and she called me the next day wanting to model for the website! I thought that she was only coming by to model but by the time the modeling shoot was over, she was so horny and wanted me to fuck her! Her pussy felt so good that by the time I had to bust my load, I just busted it inside of her!

Name: Gracie Age: 23 Years Old
I met Gracie at her job…which is the PacSun store over at the shopping mall. I went there one day to buy some shirts and she walked over to ask me if me if I needed any help. I told her that I was just looking around. After I picked out the shirts that I wanted to purchase, I walked up to the cash register and noticed that Gracie was the girl behind there….waiting to ring up my clothing. As she was ringing up the shirts, I talked with her about my amateur nude modeling website. She was not interested at first but I still gave her my cell phone number and come to find out, she called me a few days later wanting to set up a shoot! Watch this amateur blonde girl flash some amateur upskirt shots for you as well as spread all apart nude!

Names: Erin And Kirin. Age: Both girls are 18 years old
I met these two amateur teens through one another. At first, I met Erin at a fireworks stand that she was working at. I talked with her about my website and asked her if she would ever consider modeling nude for a website. I really wasn’t sure what she would say to that but she told me that the idea sounded kinda fun so we set up a shoot. About 2 weeks later, she asked me if she could come back to my house to do some more nude modeling and thet she wanted to bring her friend with her.

Name: Tatiana  Age: 18 years old
I met this amateur teen babe through one of her friends named Mary. I talked with Mary about modeling nude but she was not interested. However, she did give my phone number to her friend, Tatiana. I received a phone call from Tatiana one night and she wanted more information on the nude amateur modeling. I explained everything to her and we set up the shoot. When she came to the shoot, I noticed that she was EXTREMELY shy and nervous. As with the other girls on True Amateur Models, Tatiana has NEVER modeled nude in the past. I guess that’s why she was so nervous.

Name: Stacey Age: Just Turned 18 Years Old
Do you like this amateur teen babe? I met her at a gas station and talked with her about my nude modeling website. She agreed that modeling nude on the internet seemed like a pretty fun thing to do so we set up the photo shoot! Watch Stacey spread apart her sweet and amateur teen pussy and butthole for you! Wouldn’t you like to thrust your hard dick deep inside of her wet and moist teen pussy? As with all of the other girls on True Amateur Models, you cannot see her anywhere else due to her being so amateur! She is a 100% REAL amateur girl with absolutely no experience whatsoever in nude modeling, escorting, stripping….just a 100% real amateur teen!

Name: Jenna Age: 18 years Old
Jenna started talking with me in an internet chat room one evening. After about 5 minutes, I told her that I was a photographer that specialized in shooting nude amateur girls. At first, she was very hesitant on going nude but after a little convincing, she finally told me that she would do it! I gave her my address and told her that if she was serious then she would be at my house the next day. (She only lived about 30 minutes away from me.) To my surprisement, she was at my door the next day wanting to spread apart her teen pussy and butthole for the website!

Names: Dee & Chloe Age: Dee 19 years Old- Chloe 18 years Old
Check out these two amateur teens modeling nude! Dee is the punk rocker girl and Chloe is the petite brunette girl. They both came over to my house the other day wanting to model nude for the website. Dee plays in a punk rock band and Chloe is an unemployed teenager living with her parents. Watch both of these amateur teen babes strip down their skirts and spread their pussies and buttholes all apart for you! These are 100% EXCLUSIVE, REAL and AMATEUR girls that you CANNOT see anywhere else….modeling nude for their very first time!